Our enrichment program is an opportunity for our students to attend specialist classes with qualified teachers 5 days a week, during school hours. Our aim is to reduce the number of after school classes and give our students the opportunity to engage with a wide range of different inspiring activities.


Fee: 80€ per month for Children's House (included in fee for Elementary)

From 15.00-16.30hrs, mon-fri


This school year our classes have included:




Convey story, depict events and express feelings by using the elements of drama and the expressive skills of movement and voice. Educational Programme designed and delivered by Belén Jurado.

Care of Animals and Nature

Learning to care for other living things is important. We work with animal therapy consultants Alvaro y Javier from Trabajo con Perros: terapia canina asistida who bring their animals into school so that the children can learn to handle and care for animals in a safe environment. We also learn how to care for our plants, garden and vegetable patch at this time.




Dance promotes awareness of the body and its potential. Expression  through dance requires exploration and the learning of techniques designed to extend range of motion, coordinate movements of different body parts, strengthen muscles and improve self-control in order to move with intent.

As well as learning about the body and its potential for movement, dance teaches the relationship of movement and space and of movement and time. The elements of dance (e.g. tempo, rhythm, dynamics, level, direction, focus and shape) bring the children into direct contact with their environment in a new and exciting way. Delivered by Irene Medina, profesional dancer teacher and infant teacher. 


English support

Our qualified English teacher and Montessori Guide, Diane Abott from The English Garden Language School, gives specially designed classes which offer extra support to children who start our school with a limited knowledge of English.



Yoga exercises bring the children’s awareness to their body alignment and their breathing, as well as the range of movement of each body part in isolation and together.

Stretching and meditation exercises are incorporated to draw attention to flexibility, concentration and breathing. Programme designed and delivered by Nicolas Guisado; professional infant yoga instructor.



Music develops children´s motor skills and imagination; fosters creativity, builds awareness and recognition of auditory patterns; enhances the motivation to listen and also unites a community through celebration. The team of Tararea, Laboratorio Musical specialises in offering the students an opportunity to experiment with and experience different types of music.

Circus Skills